RSAT for Windows 10 is available, but you might have trouble installing it. Here’s a workaround.

Good news and bad news. Good news! The Remote Server Administration Tools (aka RSAT) for Windows 10 is now available and you can download it here:

Now for the bad news: It doesn’t always install correctly. Or, in fact, at all on some machines. The installer runs happily enough but none of your tools will show up.

Luckily there is a workaround, albeit a completely inconvenient one. The issue stems from Languages, specifically any machine that doesn’t have the en-US language pack installed. To fix, you need to go to the Classic Control panel and click “Language”:

Then Add a language:

Scroll down and select English:

Then add English (United States):

It has to be English US, even if you’ve already got an English language on your system.

Once you’ve added this language, you need to go into the Options for that langauge:

And ensure you have the language pack actually installed (like below):

If it’s not installed, you’ll see an option to download it.

Once it’s installed, restart (you may want to make this your primary language temporarily to ensure it works) and install the Windows 10 RSAT tools. Reboot once more, you should have your tools available and you can adjust as necessary what is installed via the usual Programs and features:

Note: Some tools are not yet available in this version of RSAT, such as DHCP. See the release notes for more information.

Once the tools are installed, you can switch your primary language back to whatever it was before.

Hopefully a later version of RSAT addresses this issue.